Photo courtesy of W2DU

The two Hallicrafters units on the right, including the speaker, are the SX-111 receiver and HT-37 SSB and AM exciter that are the original units of the Boy Scout Headquarters Station K2BFW, and later K2BSA.

The RME-69, second from right, and second from bottom, was the first manufactured receiver I bought new in 1937. The National HRO, bottom right, and the Meissner Signal Shifter, bottom, third from right, I purchased new in 1938.

The RME-70, bottom, second from right, and the RME DB-20 preselector, third from right and directly above the Signal Shifter, I acquired around 10 years ago.

The BC-210 Frequency Indicator, above the DB-20, was obtained directly after WW2, used at W8KHK for many years after.

I acquired the other two National HRO's, above the original one on the bottom, during the past forty years.