Richard M. Gillingham
Hialeah, FL

QCWA # 21383
Chapter 69
W1RG - Richard M. Gillingham
First Call: KN1UBU issued in 1961       Other Call(s): W4PJI, WB4ZYZ & K1UBU

I am a retired Air Traffic Control Specialist. I am widowed. I have two daughters, both married and I'm the button bustin' proud grandfather of three... Besides Amateur Radio, I enjoy reading, woodworking and chasing the grandkids.

And I finally have made the DXCC Honor Roll with 334 Entities... Phew! 6 more to go if I live long enough.

My daughter Heather and her daughter Olga Rocio are now also hams... Huzzah!! :)

W1RG - Richard M. Gillingham

January 23, 2021