Photo courtesy W1LJN

At our summer residence I have a Collins URC-32 transceiver. This rig was built by Collins for the U.S. Navy and used on submarines and perhaps other vessels during the 1960's. It features continuous coverage from about 2.0 to 30 mc and has an output of about 600 watts. The audio is "communications quality" and it is useful for breaking up "pileups" on DX contacts. It weighs about 450 pounds and when fired-up sounds like a Hoover vacuum cleaner because of the air-flow that ventilates each module on the rack.

A Collins URC-32 was the Primary XCVR in Main Radio aboard the USS Caloosahatchee AO-98 when I served aboard her from 1966 - 1968. The backup was a TBK transmitter and R-390 Receivers. In Radio Two we had a TBD. - RM3 Roske           73, Bob Roske, NØUF, Webmaster