Photo courtesy W1LJN

32S-3 Transmitter
This transmitter first appeared in the November, 1958 issue of QST magazine. The transmitter had the capability of being coupled with its companion receiver, the 75S-3, and gave the operator the flexibility of having a "transceiver" rather than having to operate two separate units. This pair is powered by a 516F-2 power supply and controlled by a 312B-4 station control. The transmitter sold new for $750.00, the receiver $680.00, the station control $185.00.

KWM2-A Transceiver
This unit actually combined the circuits of the 32S-1 transmitter and the 75S-3 receiver into one self-contained unit. Weight was 18 pounds and the overall dimensions are 6-9/16" high, 14-3/4" wide and 13-1/4" deep. Mode is SSB or CW and power output is about 100 watts. Price new was $1,250.00 and current prices are about the same for a unit is good operating condition.

312B-5 Station Control and PTO for the KWM2-A
This unit is essentially the same as the 312B-4 but with the additional feature of a PTO which connects to the KWM2-A in order to give the operator the opportunity to work split frequency operation - similar to having the 32S-3/75S-3 combination. Original cost was $350.00 - currently similar units in good condition bring anywhere from $600 to $1,000.

30L-1 500 Watt Linear Amplifier
This is a table-top amplifier appeared in 1961 and consisted of a solid state power supply and four 811A triodes. The physical size is essentially the same as the KWM2-A with a weight of 38 pounds. Original cost new was $520.00.

30S-1 1,000 Watt Linear Amplifier
This amplifier became available in 1959 and with 80 watts of driving power will deliver up to 1,300 watts PEP output. It is a floor model and far from ortable with a weight of 160 pounds. Price when new was $1,556.00; currently, a unit in good condition will bring $2,000.00 or more.

DL-1 Dummy Load
This unit is a 100 watt resistive dummy load used while tuning up the transmitter before attaching the transmitter to the antenna.

SM-2 Microphone
This desk "mike" was manufactured by Turner for Collins. Frequency response is 50 to 13,000 cps. There is no push-to-talk switch on this unit. Original price was $48.00.

SM-3 Microphone
This desk "mike" is a dynamic microphone with a push-to-talk switch. Frequency response is 200 to 3,000 cps. Original price was $65.00