Photo courtesy W1LJN

Joe's station is made up entirely of vintage Collins radios and the attached photo includes the 32V-3, 75A-2 & 75A-4 all from the 1950's; the 310B Exciter, 30K-4 Transmitter and RCA 77DX microphone all from the 1940's. All of the equipment in the photo is fully restored and operational.

When in residence I am active on 160, 80 and 10 meter AM and 75 and 20 meter SSB. The SSB section of the shack (not pictured here) includes the KWS-1/75A-4 "Gold Dust Twins" and the "S-Line" Collins radios.

32V-3 Transmitter - AM 80 through 10 meters
This transmitter arrived on the ham radio scene in 1951. The dimensions are 12-7/16" high, 21-1/8" wide and 13-8/9" deep. Weight is 110 pounds. Frequency range is 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters. Plate power input- 150 watts CW; 120 watts AM. When new this transmitter cost $475.00.

75A-2 Receiver
This receiver appeared on the market in 1950. Its dimensions are similar to the 32V-3 but the weight is about one-half at 50 pounds. Frequency range is 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, and 10 meters. Mode is AM and CW. Cost new was $420.00.

370G-3 Speaker
This speaker was made for the 51J series and was a 10" diameter, 4 ohm permanent magnet loudspeaker in a 10-5/8" x 15" x 9" metal cabinet. Original cost was $22.00.

KWS-1 Transmitter - AM, CW, SSB 80 through 10 meters
This transmitter was first introduced in 1955 in the March issue of QST. It essentially marked the end of the AM era and introduced Single Side-Band (SSB). The transmitter came in two units - the upper unit was the RF unit (50 Pounds) and the lower unit housed the power supply (175 pounds). It is estimated that about 1,600 units were manufactured between 1955 and 1958. Mode is AM, CW, SSB. Plate power input is 1,000 watts. Price new was $1,995.00.

75A-4 Receiver
This receiver, consisting of 22 tubes, was also introduced in 1955 and paired with the KWS-1 was referred to as the "Gold Dust Twins". The size of the receiver is about the same as the KWS-1 RF unit but the weight is only 35 pounds. Mode is SSB, AM, CW, and MCW. Price new of this unit was $495.00. When paired with the KWS-1 the total cost, with speaker, was just about $2,500.00. Interestingly enough collectors currently pay much more than he original cost to acquire the pair in good working condition.

312A-1 Lighted Speaker
Not the most rare of speakers but very difficult to find in good workable condition. This unit consists of a 10" loudspeaker in an 11-1/8" x 15" x 9-1/8" metal cabinet that has a hinged front and a Lumaline lamp with a chrome hood. Sold originally for $39.50 and now brings up to $1,000+ for a unit in pristine condition.

30K-4 Transmitter
The 30K-4 was the commercial version of the 30K-1 which was introduced to the ham community in 1946. Referred to by many as a "boat-anchor" when it eally should be called a "battleship-mooring". Its height and weight pretty much reduces its portability. The overall dimensions are 66-1/2" high, 22" wide, and 16-1/2" deep. Weight is 600 pounds. Although original mode was 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, and 10 meters this unit was modified to also transmit on the 160 meter band. Input power is 500 watts CW and 375 watts AM - output is about 275 watts on 160 meters and 300 watts on 80 meters. Price of this unit new was $1,450 and included a 310-A exciter.

310C-2 Exciter
This unit, like the 310C-1, was designed to drive the 30K series transmitters, the only difference between the two being that the 310C-2 had an internal power supply. Since the 30K transmitters were crystal controlled the 310C-2 exciter was useful in providing more versatility and flexibility. The unit is rather small- 8" high, 14" wide, and 8-1/4" deep; weight is 18 pounds. Price new was $100.00.

310B-3 Exciter
This unit is similar to the 310C-2 with the exception of size- 8" high, 19" wide, 10" deep. The 310B-3 included antenna tuning whereas the 310B-1 did not. Price of this unit when new was $190.00.

270G-1 Speaker
This speaker is an 8" diameter 4-ohm permanent magnet loudspeaker in a 10-1/2" x 13" x 6-5/8" metal cabinet. This speaker was originally sold with the 75A-1 receiver. This speaker has the Collins winged logo on the top and chrome strips whereas the 270G-2 and 270G-3 have no logo and the metal strips above and below the flocked metal grill are painted. The only other speakers with the logo are the 312A-1 and the 312A-2.

302C-1 Wattmeter and Directional Coupler
This meter goes with the KWS-1 and measures both forward and reflected power in two ranges - 0 to 100 watts and 0 to 1,000 watts. Original cost was 89.00.