WØRPK - Ralph E. Wallio WØRPK

Ralph E. Wallio
Greenville, NC

QCWA # 16357

Current WØRPK Activity
Member of the ARRL 600m Experiment (WD2XSH/34 - currently QRT) and publish daily activity updates for U.S. and Canadian 600m stations (see http://www.500kc.com/W0RPK_Report/W0RPK_Report.htm) . See http://www.500kc.com/ for lots of 600m information and http://showcase.netins.net/web/wallio/WD2XSH-34.htm for photos and information about WD2XSH/34.

Life Member of ARRL, AMSAT-NA and QCWA.

Former Ham Radio Activities
ARRL Iowa Section Emergency Coordinator and Assistant Section Communications Manager supporting Iowa Section Communications Manager Bob McCaffery, KØCY (1980s). Managed Amateur Radio support of 120 Hams during Papal visit to Des Moines in 1979.

AMSAT-NA Operations VP (1980s). See http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/index.php for current AMSAT web pages. See http://www.ka9q.net/newsletters.html for Phil Karn's archive of early AMSAT publications. Hosted 1989 AMSAT Annual Meeting and Space Symposium in Des Moines.

Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB) with Central Iowa Technical Society (CITS) HABET flights 1993-1994 and with Iowa State University HABET flights 1995-present. See http://sites.google.com/site/ssclisu/ for current ISU HABET program (High Altitude Balloon Experiments in Technology). See http://www.arhab.org/ for much more ARHAB information.

Participated with CITS VHF contesting stations in rare Iowa grid squares during 1980s and 90s and with early CITS packet radio networking across Iowa in the 1980s.
Earlier Years of Ham Radio
WØRPK - Ralph E. Wallio First licensed as KN9JPR in 1957 at age 14 in Decatur, IL.

Upgraded to K9JPR in 1958.

Photograph from summer of 1959 between junior and senior years at Stephen Decatur High School.

Heathkit DX-100 transmitter

Heathkit AT-1 transmitter upper left

National NC-109 receiver

Hammarlund HQ-120 receiver

November 19, 2014