Photo courtesy WØRN

Harry Snyder, WØNVE/WØRN in his late-1940s shack. On the table is a National NC-2-40D receiver, with speaker. His homebrew transmitter is 6V6 - 6N7 doubler - 6N7 doubler - 807 final, with power supply on the same chassis. Speech amplifier, built in 1947, is 6SJ7 - 6SN7 - 807s. VFO is a modified BC-458. He has one 304TL in the final amplifier, modulated with two 304THs (using half of each). Power supply, built in 1948, is two 3kw pole pigs in a full-wave rectifier circuit putting out better than one kilowatt. "When TV came in, this went out," says Harry.