WØPJD - Joseph T. Capell WØPJD

Joseph T. Capell
Fresno, CA

QCWA # 34454
Chapter 213

I was first licensed in 1956 in Fresno, California as KN6YQK at the age of 11. My Elmer was Allan Ross, W6JPS. Advanced to Technician and General in the next few years and finally Amateur Extra when I lived in Minneapolis in 1977. That is where the Zero land call letter comes from. I have been back in Fresno since 1979. Active in handicapped amateur radio programs such as the HandiHams system in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Currently on the board of directors of the Fresno Amateur Radio Club where I was a member fifty years ago. A member, of course of the QCWA.

Although I have been a ham for over 55 years, I have not been active on HF for about thirty years and just got the bug again as we remodeled the garage and made a real hamshack. No real antenna yet except a 200 foot wire loop around the eves of the house and garage that is loaded up with a balanced line tuner. It shouldn't work but seems to work wonderfully on all bands but 160. Back on CW too after a longer hiatus so please bear with me, I am a little rusty.

Married 40 years to a wonderful woman. Four grown children and 5 grandchildren who are a joy.

I am still working but a little less than previously. I am a physician specializing in handicapped children. The field is called Rehabilitation Medicine. I see adults too with long term disabling condition and studied back in Minneapolis, Minnesota for this profession.

I qsl 100% if I got your call right and you are in QRZ.com. No need for a SASE.

October 10, 2015