Michael G. 'Mike' Mc Connell
Horizon City, TX

QCWA # 37769
Chapter 64
WØPD - Michael G. 'Mike' Mc Connell
First Call: KA0LM Other Call(s): N0DRQ

Hello from El Paso County in West Texas. I have been a ham radio operator since 1981. I enjoy listening to HF bands and occasionally on VHF. I have an ICOM 7700, a TS-2000, a Palstar AT2K tuner, and an Ameritron AL-800 amplifier. I also have an Icom 910H to use on the satellites. I have a Yaesu G-5500 Az/El rotator and a pair of UHF/VHF Gulf Alpha Circular polarized antennas that I use to operate on satellites. For EME, I have 4 M2 SSB9 antennas and also a Klitzing Electronics 1K 2 mter amplifier.

My HF antennas are:
G5RV for FT8 work
Cushcraft R9 10-80 Vertical

I hold a General Radiotelephone License along with my Extra Class Amateur license. I have a Ph.D. in Business Administration-specialization is in criminal justice management. Hope to see you on the birds, HF, or FT8.

Mike McConnell Ph.D.
Horizon City (El Paso), Texas

WØPD - Michael G. 'Mike' Mc Connell

WØPD - Michael G. 'Mike' Mc Connell

August 25, 2018