WØFLZ - Paige J. Butler WØFLZ

Paige J. Butler
Stanwood, WA

QCWA # 38320
First Call: WD5CPK issued in 1977

I first got in to ham radio in my high school days mid 1977 as WD5CPK living in the suburbs of Houston Tx. My first station was a Heathkit DX-60B transmitter and a hammarlund HQ-170 or 180 receiver. I started with a vertical and some inverted V antennas, before picking up a Hy-gain TH-3 at a swap meet. I still have that TH-3 today, but it is not in the air.

I am a "paper chaser" I enjoy receiving and sending QSL cards and working towards operationg certificates from the various groups I am a member of. Back in the late 80's and early 90's I was a very active mobile county hunter an am looking forward to the solar cycle advancing to the point that it makes it easier to operate mobile on the higher bands again.

I am currently active on 6-75 meters, FT8, and SSB nets. 30 Meters has become a favorite band.

I upload logs regularly to QRZ, LOTW and less frequently to eQSL. I will gladly send a paper QSL card if desired and appreciate any and all that are sent my way.

When the FCC implemented the Vanity call sign program, I obtained WØFLZ which belonged to my great grandfather, who lived in Kansas.

I have a couple of his old log books, one from the 30's and one from '57 which was his last log book before he became SK.

Back in the 80's and 90's I was an active mobile county hunter, I used a pair of Kenwood TS-440 rigs for my mobile ops. I still have them today, but they are on the "retired shelf" They need a little TLC and alignment work if they want to see on the air time again.

And speaking of "retired", I retired from the US Navy in the late 90s as a Chief Electronics Technician. Looking back at those days now makes me feel pretty old...but those were some really great times.

My current active station consists of the following equipment:
Yaesu FTDX-1200 using Heil PR-781 mic
Yaesu FT-920
Icom IC2200
Yaesu-FT227R - ( my very first NEW 2M rig bought when I was 15 in 1977)
Cushcraft MA5B@ 42'
Cushcraft A3WS @ 38'
Hustler 6BTV vertical
Diamond CP-6 Vertical
Cushcraft Ringo Ranger @ 30'
Cushcraft A6270-13S 6m, 2m, 70cm beam @30'

For mobile I have the following:
Yaesu FT-857D w/LDG tuner
Yaesu FTM-400XDR
Hustler mast and resonators

You can track me on APRS - W0FLZ-9 in my truck and W0FLZ-12 in the Explorer.

Waiting to go up this summer is 50' of Rohn 25G and a TH5 on a Glen-Martin Hazer.

Some of the Ham hobbies and clubs you will find me hanging out with:
3905 Century Club:
40 Meter 100 Pt - 1278
75 Meter 100 Pt - 1699
MARAC: R-2251
10-X: 48658
30 MDG: 11632
EPC: 30890
OMISS: 12578
YL System: 17755

Today - 8/18/2020 - I completed my Digital WAS - with NH being the final state. I started tracking this as of mid-March 2020 which was my "official" return to the ham radio hobby after being QRT since about 1998.

I am currently in the process of entering all of my old paper County Hunting logs in to the computer so I can see where I left off in workging towards my USA-CA award.. Looking back through all of my QSL cards from the 70s through the early 90's it looks like I may be about 1/2 way to DXCC. I even have a KZ5 QSL card from 1978, back when the Panama Canal Zone existed.

WØFLZ - Paige J. Butler

WØFLZ - Paige J. Butler

WØFLZ - Paige J. Butler
Picture of my Great Grandpa (the orginal WØFLZ) at his station.
WØFLZ - Paige J. Butler
and one of his QSL cards

August 26, 2020