Station of WØEHH

Hallicrafters Sky Champion receiver, Gonset 2 meter "Goonybox ,Johnson Viking II transmitter, Johnson Viking VFO, homemade matchbox antenna tuner, Astatic D-104 microphone.

1954 -- About six months earlier than when I became WNØZAQ. I'm the one in the middle with the dark rimmed glasses. The "older" gentleman was 34 at the time... WØEHH. Now he is W5SHN and living in Mountain Home, AR.

W5SHN - Duane Farris
WNØZAQ is now W4GAL, Gary Liljegren

W0ZAQ - 1963 - W0SH - 1974 - W4GAL - 2008

Photo courtesy Gary Liljegren, W4GAL