VO1NA - Joe Craig VO1NA

Joe Craig
Torbay, NL Canada

QCWA # 32845

Joe Craig did undergraduate work in Chemistry and Physics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. After working with the Physics Department at Memorial as a research assistant, he did graduate work in Physical Chemistry and received an M.Sc. degree in 2000. He is presently a Physical Scientist with the Canadian Government and is interested in the density structure of the coastal ocean and radio methods of elucidating surface dynamics.

VO1NA - Joe Craig

Joe Craig acknowledges official greetings from Poldhu on HF radio.
The equipment in the picture included an online computer, a 100 watt
HF transceiver, a Canadian Marconi XH-100 receiver and a 1 watt home
built transmitter.
(Photo: C. Hammond)

June 09, 2016