VE7RWJ - Robert W. 'Bob' Jones VE7RWJ

Robert W. 'Bob' Jones
Kelowna, BC Canada

QCWA # 38042
First Call: VE3CTM issued in 1959       Other Call(s): VE7RWJ

VE7RWJ - Robert W. 'Bob' Jones
SWL, Christmas of 1957, Age 14, waiting to turn 15 so I could become licensed in Canada.
Hallicrafters Model S-85 receiver (1954-5), general coverage (560 kc - 30 mc /4 bands), single conversion, amateur bandspread (80-10m), dual tuning dials, RF and audio gain controls, beat frequency oscillator, transmit/receive switch, sold for $119.95 at Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Amateur Radio Operator Certificates
17April1959 Amateur Certificate No. 4 - 298
4January196010 Meter Endorsement
22July1960 Advanced Amateur Certificate No. 4 - 1228

June 26, 2019