Barry W. Middlebrook
Calgary, AB Canada

QCWA # 31330
Chapter 151
VE6TN - Barry W. Middlebrook

I was licensed in 1976 as VE5BAM at the age of 15. Amatuer radio cultivated an interest in electronics and I eventually went to University and received degree in Electrical Engineering. I have practiced as a professional engineer for 30 years and own my own Engineering company. I am expert in engineering and constructing satellite communications, fiber optic, telecom and cableTV facilities. In a way my hobby has become my work.

My wife Darlene and I have 5 children, 4 of which are on their own and the last one in Grade 12.

My station currently includes: FT-1000, IC-7000 and a collection of vintage Heathkit radios, a Drake L4B amp and an X7 Yagi with the optional 40m elementat 18 meters (56ft). The tower is shunt-fed for 160/80m plus an inverted Vee Dipole for 80m and a 6 HF Band Butternut Vertical for SO2R. I use an IC-706 Mk2G with a ProAM mobile antenna when camping with the family.

At my cottage in Saskatchewan I operate as VE5KO with a Kenwood TS-450SAT with a 3 TH3-Jr at 30 ft and a G5RV strung in the trees.

I enjoy numerous amateur radio activities including: DX, contesting, CW, mobiling, QSLing, and most importantly meeting many new friends around the world.

I volunteer as the EMI coordinator in the Calgary area to assist others in resolving interference problems and repairing neighbor relationships.

I sysop the local Calgary DX Cluster to support dx'ers and contest fanatics. You can telnet to the dx cluster at and check it out.

Amateur Radio is truly the world's "Greatest" hobby!

May 10, 2015