VE6SH - Timothy S. Ellam VE6SH

Timothy S. Ellam
Calgary, AB Canada

QCWA # 32040
Chapter 151

First licensed in Canada in April 1977 as VE6CJR. Took the UK RAE in December 1977 and received G4HUA which I still hold. Upgraded to a Canadian Advanced license in September 1978. Operated in Calgary and the UK during the late 1970s and early 1980s. After finishing University in 1987 I became active again in Calgary. Changed my call to VE6SH after waiting the then 10 year period before one could apply for a two letter suffix.

I assisted Bob Benson, VE2VW, the then General Counsel of the Canadian Radio Relay League in 1989 and took over that position in 1991 when Bob retired. Appointed First Vice President of CRRL in 1992 and acted for the League when it merged with the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation in 1993 to form Radio Amateurs of Canada. Held a number of executive positions in RAC until 2001. I had been involved with the International Amateur Radio Union ( an expert consultant and in 2002 was elected as the Area "A" (Canada and Bermuda) representativefor IARU Region 2. Nominated for Vice President in 2003 and served in that position from 2004 to 2009. Elected President of IARU for the 2009-2014 term and relected for the 2014-2019 term.

I live very close to downtown Calgary in an area known as Mount Royal. As this is a mature part of the city (for Calgary) I am fortunate to have sufficient foilage to hide a 15 metre tower with a Force 12 C3 and a SteppIR BigIR vertical (for 30, 40 and 80). The tower also sports KU4AB phased loops for 50, 144, 220 and 440. A Pixel RF Pro-1B loop is used for receive on the low bands. A sloper for 160 completes the "farm" on a city lot.

VE6SH - Timothy S. Ellam

August 15, 2015