VE6PLC - Cliff W. Linton VE6PLC

Cliff W. Linton
Calgary , AB Canada

QCWA # 37671
Chapter 151

My class at the Full Gospel Bible Institute is having an online reunion on April 1, 2023. It prompted me to do some work on my pet project web site this week. Added some more music files and scanned and uploaded some photos that I finally found. Lots of memories! Still haven't found the box with my yearbooks and our big class picture, though, which is frustrating. I did some system tweaks to the site while I was at it. Below is a picture of me in the sound booth at the Full Gospel Church in Eston, Saskatchewan, taken in the spring of 1977, when I still had lots of hair and carried significantly less weight than I do now. My Koinonia class web site is at if you want to have a look.

While I didn't get my license until 1993, I have been playing "ham" since 1956, as evidenced by this photo. I am told that I would grab the microphone and jabber away quite happily, with the transmitter turned off, of course.
VE6PLC - Cliff Lindton

VE6PLC - Cliff Lindton

VE6PLC - Cliff W. Linton

Cliff Linton, VE6PLC's Station in 2018

August 19, 2023