Photo courtesy VE6AFO

Photo fm 2005 ARRL Handbook Section 19 pg 2
Ken's 1984 station consists of:

Icom IC 451A UHF All Mode, Arcos 70 cm Linear (600 watts out) (built from K2RIW design), KR-500 Rotor Control, Icom IC 211 VHF All Mode, FDK Multi U-11 FM UHF Transceiver, Mirage B-1016 VHF Linear (160 watts out), Kenwood TS-510 HF Radio with Matching External VFO & Speaker, Drake MN2000 HF Matching Network, PC Electronics TC-1 ATV 10 watt 70 cm Transmitter/Down Converter, RCA CC011 Video Camera and a Sony Beta I VCR (Used for ATV)

(On the Right - Work Bench - from left to right)
General Radio Audio Frequency Meter 1141-A, Yaesu Power Meter YP-150, StarKit RF-2 Signal Generator, Micronta (Radio Shack) 24 Volt Variable DC Power Supply , Sencore Oscilloscope, General Radio Signal Generator GR 1021-P1 (c/w 50-250 mHz and 250-910 mHz modules) and a BK Precision 820 Capacitance Meter