VE3UU - Brian L. Jeffrey VE3UU

Brian L. Jeffrey
Carp, ON Canada

QCWA # 31259
Chapter 70

I was first licensed as VE3EBF in August 1957 and held onto that call until I went up to the Arctic as an electronics technician on the DEWLine (Distant Early Warning Radar Line) where I held the call VE8SK. You can check out my Arctic adventures at Upon my return from the frozen North I was licensed as VE3BCJ and I held onto that call for many years. Several years ago I took advantage of my many years in amateur radio to acquire a two-letter call and became VE3UU. There are updated pictures and much more information at

I've been working to get my CW back to a reasonable speed and have recently taken an interest in QRP. I'm also the custodian of VE3CWM, the station located at "The Diefenbunker," an underground, cold war bunker, that is now Canada's Cold War Museum (CWM).

I recently discovered that I might just be the last living person to have worked on Canada's first (and North America's second) general general purpose, stored program computer, a Ferranti Mark 1 computer, called FERUT. I've documented that adventure at

July 27, 2015