VE3SST - Neil O. Macklem
Neil VE3SST working on the 220MHz, 440 Hub stack.

Neil O. Macklem
Scarborough, ON Canada

QCWA # 36613
Chapter 73

Activated Salisbury Island ON284 June 2-8, 2007.

Director, Toronto FM Communications Society.

Past Director of the York Region Amateur Radio Club.

New CISA activation set for March 21-22, 2009 on Bluffers Park Island, Scarborough, ONT. With Doug/VE3CWO, Neil/VE3SST, Igor/VE3ZF, Valdas/VE3VO and Brent/VE3IRT. We will also be activating a new Lighthouse and hope to have a number assigned by the start of operation. We will be using special call VC3Y to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the York Region Amateur Radio Club. Please QSL via VE3CWO.

Bluffers Park Island is now on the CISA list as ON-276 (replacing a previous island listing Igor had made that turned out to be a duplicate due to inaccurate information given by local residents.)

Bluffers Park Light is now CAN-1406. Thanks Igor for getting this added!

I frequently visit Bluffers Park Island as this is where I keep my sailboat. If anyone is interested in catching this island, send me an email and perhaps we can make a sked.

Re-activation of ON284 from August 15-21, 2009 is now done! Thanks to all who made contact with me. I look forward to returning to Salisbury Island in a few years.

Salisbury Island is owned by the company my wife works for. It has two cottages, which are shared by all the employees of the Toronto Division. The normal schedule is once every third year you can book a week at one of these cottages, however, you can also place your name on a waiting list for a chance at unbooked weeks during the years you are not eligible. This makes activation a recurring event, just widely spaced dates.

September 04, 2015