VE3DSS - Dana A. Shtun VE3DSS

Dana A. Shtun
Etobicoke, ON Canada

QCWA # 29095
Chapter 73

I grew up in Etobicoke, which is in West Toronto and attended Royal York Collegiate. I got my ham ticket in early 1969 and after a year on HF went up on VHF and haven't been back, except for some contesting on 10m and 160m and CQWW.

I'm a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the UNIVERSITY of TORONTO, graduating with a BASc (Engineering).

I've served on various committees at U of T as part of my contribution to the Alumni Association at U of T, and served in various executive capacities including President of the UofT Engineering Alumni Association, and President of the permanent executive of my class, as well as Treasurer and Trustee for VE3UOT back in the 1980's.

I have progressive experience as a Professional Engineer and Risk Manager including:
- IBM Canada, Ontario Hydro,
- TSSA, Town of Richmond Hill,
- Sinclabs, Ecclesiastical Insurance and
- Aviva Canada. I'm currently doing freelance Risk Management work for major insurers across Canada.

On the ham radio side I am one of the founding members of VE3ONT, The Toronto VHF Society -- a group dedicated to VHF UHF Dxing and exploration. VE3ONT holds every Canadian record for the ARRL VHF Contests, and has operated the EME (Moonbounce) contest using the 150 foot dish at Algonquin Park, Ontario. Our Megawatt ERP signals (on 50,144,220,432,1296 and 10 GHz) are now roughly 20 light years from earth!!!!
I hold DXCC on 50 MHz #611, WAS, WAC and VUCC on 50 MHz.
Currently I'm sitting at 121 worked and 121 confirmed DXCC on 6 metres.
My main focus these days (2015) is VHF UHF and SHF operating and contesting. The station is coming together slowly, but I'm QRV on HF through 1296 MHz (2016). Plans are to add 2304 MHz and higher.

I'm also the last President of CRRL and first 1st VP of RAC being one of the founding fathers of RAC, along with a number of fellow QCWA members!
So support RAC, I know where you live!

In addition to VE3DSS I hold VE3DS and am the trustee for VE3ONT, and did have the call VE3KU for a number of years.

I look forward to working you on the air!

73 Dana VE3DS

January 13, 2016