Paul C. Cragg
Otonabee, ON Canada

QCWA # 36003
VE3AXT - Paul C. Cragg

QTH 10 km south of Peterborough Ontario in Otonabee-South Monaghan township in a 1870 year farmhouse on 4 acres since April of 2013.

First licenced in 1961 age 15; advanced 1962

Retired physician (GP) July 2012 -MD Queen's University, Kingston ON 1969

Oct 21/12 started using new Icom IC-7000 & FT250R. Previous rig FT101, bought 1971, went up in smoke Oct '12.
Oct 2018 purchased new IC-7300 from DX Engineering. Fabulous rig!

-G5RV dipole Feb 2014
-Diamond X500HNA 2m/70cm linear phase vertical
-June 2018 built hexbeam from K4KIO kit.
-August 2018 built 2nd hexbeam homebrew to take to Belize

My wife Sandy and I have been coming to Belize together since 2011. Each winter we stay a bit longer.

I started operating in Belize in the winter of 2016 as V31AX with my IC-7000 and a G5RV dipole. I use the services of Tim M0URX as QSL manager and he's great.

Winter of 2018-19 we stayed for 6 months. We rent a wonderful house 100' from the water and swim almost daily.
o I brought my IC-7300 down with me. Can't be without that beauty!
o I put up my homebrew hexbeam, about 16' above the 15' roof so I have close to 1/2 wavelength height on 20 mtrs. It works great.
o I have modified my G5RV to an 80 mtr half wave Doublet antenna, running 300 ohm ladder line through a 4:1 balun then 50 ohm coax. It works unbelievably well and I've had reports on 20 and 17 that it's better than the hexbeam. Go Figure! It's also up about 30' - a 1/4 wavelength on 40, but 1/2 on 20. I plan to bring poles next winter to get it up to >60' (1/2 wave on 20).
o Plans for next winter include putting a multiband vertical on the dock over the sea water which makes a terrific ground system.

-Peterborough Amateur Radio Club (PARC)
-Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)- Maple Leaf Membership
-Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) #36003
  - Golden Anniversary Certificate;
  - 50 Year Continuous Licensing Certificate
-10-10 International - #76924

May 3, 2019