VE1KF - Lawrence B. 'Brent' Rudderham VE1KF

Lawrence B. 'Brent' Rudderham
Hatchet Lake NS, Canada

QCWA # 33411

I received my amateur ticket in 1978 at the age of 17. My first call was VE1BNE, which I still hold. I upgraded to advanced amateur in 1984. I enjoy SSB and CW rag chewing and DXing. I received this call in January of 2001. This call was assigned to my good friend and mentor Kiely MacDonald. Kiely was licensed in 1932 and was a great influence in my life. Shirley and I live just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia in the small community of Hatchet Lake. Plenty of room for antennas, minimal electrical noise and proximity to salt water have provided an excellent radio environment. My station currently consists of a TS850, MFJ-962 tuner and a couple of multiband dipole (North/South and East/West). I am an Electrical Engineer and work for a local company. I hope to see you down the log.

73's and good DXing.

February 12, 2015