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Founded - December 5, 1947
Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc.
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  Sunday QCWA D-STAR www.openquad.net, via D-Star, DMR, Fusion net at 1700E, the NCS is WX4QZ
  Sunday QCWA SSB net on 14.347 MHz at 2000Z, the NCS VARIES
  2023 Election: Nominations close November 15, 2022 - contact the Nominating Committee to submit a candidate.
QCWA Welcomes our Newest Members!
09/0338787K4TMRTerry Raymond - Millbrook, AL
09/0438788VE6RTTRandy Talbot - Edmonton, AB
09/1138789K6UIJoseph Gutwirth - Culver City, CA
09/1738790K7LOGNorman Commo - Yakima, WA
09/1838791N8YELPeter Venlet - Salem, OR
09/1838792W8GVJerry Venlet - Fort Ogden, FL
09/2338793WE7GWayne Glover - Kingman, AZ
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If you were licensed when this radio came out and are licensed today, you qualify for Membership.

Kenwood TS-950
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