NP4H - Vic Culver NP4H

Nomar Vizcarrondo
West New York, NJ

QCWA # 32758

Proud to be an Amateur Radio Operator since 1978. First licensed at the age of 11. My past callsigns include: WP4AFJ, KP4DG, KP4QO, KP4SI and AA1NV.

I am a member of the ARRL, Newington Amateur Radio League in Newington, CT, Federacion de Radio Aficionados de Puerto Rico, FISTS (#8253), Straight Key Century Club (#2878) and QCWA (#32758)

Master Mason @ Caballeros de la Noche Lodge #48 in Juncos, PR and Dual Member at Sequin Lodge #140 in Newington, CT. Member of Scottish Rite Bodies (32nd. Degree) at San Juan, PR and Union y Fe Chapter #15, O.E.S. in Caguas, PR.

Awards: RCC, WAC, WAS, DXCC.

Active on IRLP. Currently operate a node from West New York, NJ on 145.745, PL 100.0. The node number is 4484.

I am proud that my mom Margarita Leon took her Technician test on August 26, 2006 and passed at the age of 76. She is now NP4YL and studying for her General.

Even though I am living in West New York, New Jersey, I tend to do a lot of operating from my hometown of Caguas, PR. Every couple of months visit Puerto Rico and operate from my station which I still have operational there in the Island of Enchantment. So if you hear me on the air, there is a good chance I am in Puerto Rico. You can find me mostly in the lower CW portion of the 15, 20 and 40 meter bands. I QSL 100%, so please, if you QSL direct, you can use the address posted in

All QSL's via the bureau are fine, but please QSL via NP4H. Even cards for AA1NV should be sent to NP4H. Thanks and best wishes!!!

August 1, 2007