Dion L. 'Noid' Wilson
Tyler, TX

QCWA # 38321
First Call: N9RLR issued in 1992

You must heard me on the air... we recently located to Tyler,TX from Tulsa, OK and before that Tampa, FL. Im looking to do a modest station setup here in Texas. Im working on a tower setup. When we decided to move from Tampa to Tulsa, I decided to change the callsign to a district callsign and I wanted to have a 2X1 callsign.

My previous callsign was N9RLR which I had for nearly 19 years. I was licensed in Peoria, IL at the Peoria (PAARC) Superfest. I had a great time with the guys there. I have lived in numerous cities around the USA and the world due to my career and met many interesting people.

On of my last places of domiclies was in Tampa where there were very helpful folks. I hopefully made a positive impact there within the TARC and RANT groups. The RANT group and TARC club there are great people to help out or get help if you can if you are in the Tampa area. Check out the websites if so inclined...www.hamclub.org and www.w4rnt.org.

You can monitor my APRS movements on www.aprs.fi looking for NM5I-3. I use a Davis Weather system, NM5I for details on South Tyler weather. NM5I-2 and/or NM5I-3 will show my mobile APRS station.

Talk to you soon on the air.

Noid Wilson

HF rigs:
Icom IC-756 Pro III, Icom IC-7000,

VHF-UHF rigs:
Icom ID-5100, Icom IC-2820 with D-Star/GPS, IC-880H, Kenwood TM-733

VHF-UHF handhelds:
Icom IC-91AD (D-Star).

Then I have two APRS transmitters, one is the R-Trak and the second one is a Byonics MicroTrak. Both work very well when they are connected to a 5/8 wave two meter antenna.

August 28, 2020