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Net Procedures

The QCWA 20 Meter International SSB Net is a directed net using rotating Net Control Stations. The net meets weekly on Sundays at 2000 UTC using USB on 14.347 MHz. Prior to taking check ins the NCS will ask for reports of any silent keys, comments from QCWA officers, directors, board members, etc. and will ask for any mobile stations to call in.

The NCS uses groups of call letters to determine the order of stations checking in. These groups are defined by the first letter in the suffix of the check-in station call sign and the groups rotate weekly giving everyone an opportunity to be in the first group about once a month.

Group #1isA - E
Group #2isF - J
Group #3isK - O
Group #4isP - T
Group #5isU - Z

Stations checking in are given a sequence number for the list and asked if they will be staying for comments later in the net.

NCS stations are: WA5FRF, Steve; W5EX, Larry; W5FQA, Ernie and W6KE, Doug

The QCWA 40 Meter National CW Net meets on Wednesdays at 2000 hours (8:00 PM) Eastern time. (Note that this time is not UTC and will be 8:00 pm for both Standard and Daylight times.) The frequency is 7.035 MHz and the NCS is AD5MH, Dave. At 5 minutes before the hour NCS will call CQ and acknowledge check-ins. On the hour there will an introduction transmission and announcements. Code speed will be at 15 WPM to encourage participation. After this period additional check-ins will be added to the list. NCS will then run the list for comments.

Very 73,
Doug, W6KE