William B. 'Bill' Breeden
Saucier, MS

QCWA # 31447
Chapter 210
NA5DX - William B. 'Bill' Breeden

First licensed as WN9QPN in 1966. Upgraded to General Class as WA9QPN in 1967, back when a General Class license conveyed all amateur privileges before the imposition of incentive licensing. Took a break from the hobby in 1972 and returned in 1997. Was active from Omaha, Nebraska as ABØX from 1997 until the summer of 2008 when I retired from the Union Pacific Railroad. Moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the fall of 2008 and changed my call to NA5DX.

Enjoy chasing DX and operating during Field Day, QSO parties and contests. Operating awards include 5 Band DXCC with endorsements for 30, 17 and 12 meters, 5 Band Worked All Zones, DXCC Challenge endorsed for 2000 band entities, QRP DXCC, 5 Band Worked All States with endorsements for 160, 30 and 17 meters, and Triple Play Worked All States. Was honored to serve as one of the operators for W1AW/5 during the ARRL Centennial portable operations from Mississippi in April and November 2014.

Bill - NA5DX

NA5DX - William B. 'Bill' Breeden

First operation from our home in Mississippi - November Sweepstates 2008 - still ABØFX
NA5DX - William B. 'Bill' Breeden

May 30, 2015