NA4P - Fred L. Horton NA4P

Fred L. Horton
Winston Salem, NC

QCWA # 32344

I have been an amateur radio operator since 1978 with principal interests in CW DX and ragchewing. I am also active in Navy-Marine Corps MARS (NNNØTET).

I am also trustee for the Wake Forest University Amateur Radio Club license WF4DD. In cooperation with the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club and Forsyth ARES the club conducts a training net that meets on the W4NC repeater 145.47 MHz (100 Hz tone).

I am a retired professor of biblical studies, archaeology, and Semitic languages at Wake Forest University where I have worked since 1970. PhD (Duke University) 1971. Archaeological experience at Tell el-Hesi, Israel and Caesarea Maritima, Israel.

I am a priest of the Episcopal Church and retired in 2009 from St. Paul's Episcopal Church as its Theologian in Residence.

January 31, 2015