N8RKA - Arthur 'Art' Barbetta N8RKA

Arthur 'Art' Barbetta
Stow, OH

QCWA # 37441
Chapter 21

My interests in the hobby of Amateur Radio are the following My club the Stow DX Group and my club callsign is W3FLQ.I also hold the M.A.R.S. Call sign AFA1QB. I'm on the following bands: 75/80 meters, 40 meters,20 meters,17 meters,15 meters,12 meters,10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters,220 MHz, 430/440 MHz, HF, VHF, UHF.

My favorite bands are 10 meters and 17 meters.I hope to be on the 160 meters band someday when I find an antenna for that band. I also like to use packet and slow scan tv and want to learn other modes also. I am working on trying to set up an ARPS station. I like to work with computers and build them too. I would like to upgrade to Amateur Extra Class. I like the hobby and I also try to get others interested to keep the hobby going. I like to go fishing and hunting when I have the time. Taking pictures is one of the things I like to do when I go on vacation and I always have the HT with me also. I have restored a 1969 Jeep CJ-5 (same body type as the Willys). In the summer I like to ride my motorcycle with my friends and trail riding with my four wheeler.

I would like to say a BIG THANKS to two friends of mine for being so persist with me. Working on passing the code. I would have a radio that I could not use if it wasn't for the help of Steve and Dale. Many thanks go out to Steve Greathouse AC6EA/8 and Dale Harper (KC8FAQ) now W8ISX. I am still working on going as far with the hobby as I can. And thanks to Rick Miller KB8RFA for helping me set this up. I now have my DXCC on mixed bands and WAS on mixed bands and also on 10 meters thanks to my friend Steve Ulichney N8LGP for helping me confirm the State of West Virgina also know as the country of West Virgina (In our local group of hams). This was the last QSL card that I need.

I am also QSL manager for Venci Ristov Z39Z (exZ32AF /YZ5AA). Please send requests direct to me with sase or sae with greenstamp or IRC please include the proper amount for return postage to your country.You can also send currency from your country for return postage for QSL request.Take Care and hope to hear on the bands.See you later on down the log.. Thank You.

I also have Log Books set up for the following Call Signs : N8RKA   N8RKA/3

Also set up Log Books for the Stow DX Group   W3FLQ   W3FLQ/8 ( I am the trustee for this Call Sign )

73's and Take Care Art Barbetta Jr. N8RKA

May 29, 2017