N7HUQ - Steven P. 'Steve' Schultz N7HUQ

Steven P. 'Steve' Schultz
Lakeland, FL

QCWA # 36911
Chapter 107

I first became interested in amateur radio while in high school in Spokane, WA, through the Gonzaga Prep Ham Radio Club under the mentorship of Kurt Kromholtz, KC7FJ. I earned my novice license in the fall of 1985, becoming KA7WMQ. In January 1986, I upgraded to technician, with a change in call sign to N7HUQ. Since then, thanks to the FCC rule changes, I became a 'technician plus' and then a general-class. I'm currently working on my goal of finally upgrading to amateur extra.

During the mid-1980s, the Gonzaga Prep Ham Radio club was very active. We participated in numerous community service events, including providing amateur radio operators along the parade route for Spokane's annual Lilac Day/Armed Forces Day Parade. In addition, our club operated from the top of Mt. Spokane every Field Day. We were also lucky to have a very well equipped ham shack at the school. I'd often get to school early and stay late picking up contacts.

After graduating from high school, I attended college on an Air Force ROTC Scholarship. Following college, I served on active duty with the Air Force for over 12 years. The first four years as a signals intelligence officer and then as a pilot flying KC-10 tankers and C-21A (Learjet 35) transports. I separated from active duty with the Air Force in May 2004. Since that time, I've had a rather eclectic career path, including flying as a commercial pilot, teaching high school mathematics, and helping my wife run her pediatric practice. I'm currently a writer and researcher, with a focus on history. I also teach a variety of emergency preparedness classes, including emergency 1st aid, firearms training, personal safety and security consulting, basic wilderness skills, and ham radio.

I've benefited greatly from my association with amateur radio over the years, so one of my priorities is helping others enjoy ham radio. To that end, I've been a member of the ARRL for several years and am a registered mentor, instructor, and examiner for ARRL CCE courses and an ARRL VE. I served the ARRL West Central Florida Section as the Affiliated Club Coordinator. The ARRL has granted me appointments as an Official Emergency Station, Official Relay Station and Local Government Liaison. My goal is to help others, especially young people, enjoy ham radio, and do my part to help keep our ranks strong.

Along with amateur radio, I'm interested in military history, photography, the outdoors, and SCUBA diving.

Please visit my ham radio blog at http://hammingitup.wordpress.com.

Thanks and 73!

December 14, 2015