Philip K. 'Phil' Sedgwick
Yucaipa, CA

QCWA # 27806
Chapter 130
N6CMF - Philip K. 'Phil' Sedgwick

Originally licensed as KN6GCD in 1954, I have held four callsigns-- KN6GCD, K6GCD, KH6HEK, and N6CMF. I am retired from electronics manufacturing and distribution. I enjoy DX, especially on TOPBAND and 30 meters, contesting, and meteor scatter propagation. Use NAME Phil, and "sine" PS. I am enjoying a renewed interest in LEO satellites(last on for OSCAR 2and OSCAR 7) and Weekend Sprintathons with the Straight Key Century Club (Member #2740T) Just QRV on the 60 meter band with CW and PSK31. I am a Life Member of ARRL and the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inland Empire Chapter 130; and, a member of the Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Club.

I am the ARRL Emergency Coordinator for the City of Redlands and now serve as the Deputy to the Chief Radio Officer, Redlands Emergency Communications Group, Redlands Fire Department. Awarded the Volunteer of the Year (2011) for the Redlands Fire Department (PHOTO above at the Fireman's Ball) and Volunteer of the Year (2011) for the City of Redlands, California.

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October 7, 2014