N5RLM - Richard C. 'Rick' Breaux N5RLM

Richard C. 'Rick' Breaux
Duson, LA

QCWA # 24277
Chapter 109
XYL Joy N5YCS Q# 37034

Nickname is Rick

Licensed in June 1962 as Novice WN5CFS, then Technician WA5CFS, then Conditional WA5CFS. License expired midway through a 2 year tour in Vietnam.

Licensed again in 1990 as Technician N5RLM, then Advanced N5RLM, and now Extra N5RLM.

Rig is Flexradio 3000 and antenna is Hustler 6BTV.

QCWA - Life Member - 24277

Life Member of QCWA Chapter 109 Baton Rouge

10-10 Life Member - 59629

DMC #6428

XYL Joy N5YCS licensed 25+ years

N5RLM - Richard C. 'Rick' Breaux

April 01, 2016