N5QYC - Joseph E. 'Joe' Puett N5QYC

Joseph E. 'Joe' Puett
Harrison, AR

QCWA # 38822
First Call: KB5LZJ issued in 1990

I became interested in radio a very long time ago when my Uncle brought home an antique up right radio receiver that he picked up at an auction. It had so many bands on it, it was fun to listen to it late at night when the signals came from all over the US and Canada. It even had a police band which we listened to while my Brother and I were staying with our Aunt and Uncle in Kansas City. That was maybe in the 60s. I was about 11 or 12 then.

I have a Bio posted on QRZ.com, under my N5QYC call sign, that explains my path into Ham Radio.

My intro to the QCWA came from a fellow ham that was a member of QCWA. His name is Dale K0JXI. He told me about this fine organization back when I just had received my General Class Call sign N5QYC. He said that when I had been around ham radio long enough to qualify that I should check it out . That was back about 1991, I had started out as a novice KB5LZJ. Worked the code with a Hallicrafters boatanchor 100 watt HT -37 transmitter and a Drake receiver, also a boatanchor.

Ive been a ham for 32 years now, back when I was at the 25 year mark I had forgotten what he had said, but I'm here now.

November 12, 2022