Jerry G. Sams
Edmond, OK

QCWA # 36000
Chapter 63
N5KNU - Jerry G. Sams

Hello. from "N5KNU"

I have been a licensed amateur since Feb.1985 with my current call sign;

Currently live in Edmond,Okla. and ,still active on 2-m usb (144.210,144.220 & 144.250 usb ) several nights a week.

I where previously President and Treasurer of one the largest local ham club's in Okla. City.

We previously Introduced a techinal net, for more than eleven years, running; ,concerning any thing amateur radio related, questions and answers,about antennas, hombrew projects, etc .

With, " O.R.S.I." ( Okla. Repeater Society Inc.) for State & Local Repeater Co-ordination of repeater frequencys.( District- 01 ) for ten years,as there secretary, treasurer.

I have seen a lot of changes in the Amateur Radio some pros, and con's. ( hi-hi ).

I'am a License.( retired ) Electrician per trade, since 1968 as I enjoy my trade and still yet, "the hobby".

I hope to have a visit via ( 3.987.5 ) or ( 3.937.0 )(7.195 mhz) {17-m} {6-m}-or-maybe even {2-M} usb 144.240

Hope to work you.

73 de knu


O.R.S.I. / Okla. Repeater Society Inc.

Treasurer ( retired )


P.O. .Box # 0512



August 24, 2015