N5KHM - Daniel D. Smith N5KHM

Daniel D. Smith
Baton Rouge, LA

QCWA # 36457
Chapter 109

I was first licensed in 1986 as KB5ALP. When I upgraded to Technician, I changed my call and I've been N5KHM since.

I'm a member of the Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club (BRARC), the LSU Amateur Radio Club (K5LSU/W5YW) and Chapter 109 of the QCWA. I'm active as a VE for both BRARC and LSUARC and enjoy participating in Field Day (mostly helping with the GOTA station) and other activities. I'm active on HF on 80-10m SSB and will soon be on digital modes and hopefully CW as well.

My HF station consists of an Icom 735 powered by an Icom PS-55 power supply. The antenna here is an 88 foot (approximately 27 meters) dipole with one end up in a tree at the back of my lot and the other end tied to a string that's attached to the eave of my house. It is center-fed with 450 ohm ladder line that passes to coax through a homemade choke. I use a MFJ-949E tuner to handle matching between my dipole and the transceiver.

My VHF station in the shack consists of a Radio Shack HTX-252 2m mobile rig with a Radio Shack power supply. For UHF work in the house and for portable use, I use a Baofeng UV-5R. My mobile rig is an Icom dual-band mobile rig.

In real life, I'm a Database Administrator for the state of Louisiana. I'm also a PhD student in Engineering at Louisiana State University in the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering.

I hope to talk with you on the air sometime soon.


N5KHM - Daniel D. Smith

N5KHM - Daniel D. Smith

July 13, 2016