N4WL - Winston L. Lancaster N4WL

Winston L. Lancaster
Irmo, SC

QCWA # 28374
Chapter 89

Hello! My main operating interest is ragchewing on 80 and 40 Meter CW

Also, I enjoy working Field Day- I am a CW contester - I have been an Extra Class since 1975

My Station: Collins S Line, Kenwood TS-2000, TS-450S, TS-930S, TS-130S, Icom 701, FT-101B, Drake R4B, SB-303 and Datron TW 7000, DX-60B, SB-100

Audio Filter- Timewave DSP-599zx

Amplifiers: Heath SB-220- 500W. Output, Ameritron AL-82- 1500W. Output

Wattmeters- Computer Interfaced Alpha 4520 and Nye Viking RF Power Monitor

Frequency Standard- HP Z3801A with 1 Hz maximum error at 1 Ghz- Custom homebrew 20 MHz multiplier to drive the TS-930S and TS-450S frequency standard inputs - EFRATOM Rubidium Frequency Standard

Past participant in ARRL Frequency Measurement Test- Year 2004

Auto Tuner- Icom AT-500

T/R Switches- QSK-1500, Ameritron QSK-5

DX Engineering Time Variable Sequence Unit to time all keying and control- No hot switching

Antennas: 80/40 M Dipole- Hy Gain 12AVQ for 20/15/10 M

Keyboards: Microlog ATR-6800, Curtis KB4200, Curtis KB4900, K4KN Keyboard, Microlog AKB-1, Microlog ACT-1, HAL CT-2200, Robot 800 and DGM MKB-2000-A great collection!

RTTY Equipment- HAL ST-6000- AEA PK-232MBX

Life Member- ARRL and QCWA

Awards: WAS and WAC

Member of CFO- #220- ARRL Code Proficiency Award- CP-35 (35 W.P.M.)

100% CW on HF


N4WL - Winston L. Lancaster

November 25, 2016