N3PS - Paul J. Schwartz N3PS

Paul J. Schwartz
Savage, MN

QCWA # 36864

After a 40 year hiatus, I have returned to Amateur Radio . . .

I originally entered the hobby at the age of 13 while living in a small town called North Catasauqua which is located near Allentown, PA.

Novice License 11/9/73 WN3VRR - Very Rare Resistor
General License 8/23/74 WA3VRR
Advanced Licenses 1/31/75 WA3VRR
Extra Class License 2/20/76 WA3VRR
On 4/13/76, I retired my WA3VRR call sign and received my Extra Class vanity call sign of N3PS . . . November Three Papa Sierra

I received my technical and code training at, and was an active member of, the WA3GYE (Great Young Energy) Amateur Radio Club in Whitehall, PA.

As a youth, I enjoyed building Heathkits. My first project was a HW-16 CW transceiver and HG-10 VFO.

As I advanced through the ranks, my interests became focused on 20 meter DX voice and SSTV. My equipment at the time was
.Yaesu FT-401B (HF Base Unit)
.Drake TR22 (2m HT)
.Robot 70 SSTV Monitor, Robot 80 SSTV Camera and a homebrew SSTV character generator
.HyGain 18AVQ Vertical (chimney mounted, using an aluminum shingled roof as the ground plan)
.HyGain TH3JR Tri-Band Beam mounted on a 50 tower (the tower was constructed by my father and me out of EMT conduit)

By the time my 16th birthday came around, my interest in Ham radio waned as my attentions turned to girls and cars . . . .

Although the skills and knowledge gained as youth from the hobby served me well in life and career (IT Management), I didn't re-enter the hobby until 2015 when I came across a blog posting from a member of the WA3GYE radio club where he talked about how a 15 year old .kid. (me) had been the inspiration for obtaining his Extra Class license.
N3PS - Paul J. Schwartz

My QTH is now in Savage, MN which is located in the south Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota (~20 miles south of Minneapolis). My equipment is currently:
.Yaesu FTDX-3000 (HF Base Unit)
.Yaesu FT60R (2m / 440 HT)
.Kenwood TM-281A (2m - base)
.Palstar AT2K Tuner
.HyGain 18AVQII Vertical (ground mounted with 36 radials)
.G5RV Jr (inverted v configurations)
.20M Dipole
.End Fed Sloper
.Comet GP3 Vertical @ 30.

I am currently getting my feet 're-wetted' on a number of 2 meter nets, and have begun to re-explore DX on 20 meters. I hope to pursue and become active in the digital and SSTV modes (via Ham Radio Deluxe software) and satellite. I would also like to regain my code proficiency (was 25 wpm + back in my youth).

I hold active memberships in ARRL and the QCWA.

Other hobbies and interests include:
.R/C Cars
.Home Theater
.Home Brewing (of the alcoholic type)

I am also a 32 degree Mason/Shriner affiliated with Columbia Lodge #25 in South Glastonbury, CT.

N3PS - Paul J. Schwartz

N3PS - Paul J. Schwartz

November 29, 2015