N1IRO - William R. Mcgrath N1IRO

William R. Mcgrath
Randolph, VT

QCWA # 37789
Chapter 145
First Call: N1IRO

Took apart my first AM radio at 6 yrs. old, became fascinated with radio at 5. How does this box have access to all of this information and music without any wires? I was bit by the bug and finally became a Ham in 1991, at the age of 21. Spent a lot of time above 50 MHz, finally getting into the world below 30 MHz and learning HF antennas and ettiquette.

Very interested in ensuring the hobby continues to the next generation and learning all the modes I have heard of but never worked. Happy to try to answer any question anyone has about amateur radio.

My day job nowadays is designing and manufacturing LED lights. I've been at it since before anyone could spell LED.

September 16, 2018