James Joseph R. 'Joe' Goudy
Fairfield, IA

QCWA # 38267
NØJG - James Joseph R. 'Joe' Goudy

Joe has been an amateur radio operator since 1966 when he received his novice license (WNØQBC) with the help of Othal Cloke WØNSR(SK).

In 2007 Joe retired from ANR Pipeline Co. after a 29 year career as a Telecommunications Technician. Joe now teaches, as an Avionics (Aviation Electronics) Instructor at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA. Joe teaches classes in Fiber Optics, Avionics, Analog Semiconductor Devices, Telecommunications Introduction, PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design, FCC Commercial License Preparation, Introduction to Photonics and PLTW Digital Electronics.

Joe is a member of the Ottumwa, Ia Amateur Radio Club and The Radio Club of America of New York City. Joe is active with the Electronics Technicians Association Intl.(ETA) and is involved in the Education Division of that organization. Joe is currently an (ARRL)Technical Specialist for the Iowa section and a volunteer examiner.

May 17, 2020