KQ4KK - Kent V. Hufford KQ4KK

Kent V. Hufford
Graniteville, SC

QCWA # 36983

Retired US ARMY Signal Corp Aviator (30 years), then spent 15 years as a Information Technology contractor in the Washington DC area. Retired and moved to South Carolina in June 2008. Wife and two married daughters are also HAMs.

Spend most of my time golfing and doing HAM ARES radio support for Aiken County EOC and Aiken Regional Medical Centers. Currently trying to see how far you can talk on DSTAR HF. Coast to Coast and to Canada are easy. hf.dstar-relay.net is a good place to start.

Active in APRS, DSTAR, HF-DX and local VHF repeaters. Current home setup is FLEX 6500, ICOM 9100, PW-1, Big Step-IR Vertical, Off Center fed Dipole, ICOM-910H and a full COLLINS KWM-2A setup with 30L-1 Amp. Mobiles are Kenwood D-710, ICOM 5100 and an ICOM 7100. Go BOX is a Kenwood D-710, ICOM 2820 and an ICOM 7100.

Photo from Feb 1967. 68th AHC, RVN

February 17, 2016