KJ4PV - Gary Bleasdale KJ4PV

Gary Bleasdale
Rochester Hills, MI

QCWA # 36585

Spit from a torpedo tube, 1949, age 67.

Joined Navy 1969.

Retired Navy after 21 years. Retired again after 20 years working IT support for defense contractors.

DXCC, WAS before leaving the hobby for 10 years due to work. Back on the air now, operating portable using an ICOM IC-718 to an Alpha Antenna portable vertical and a Chameleon CHA P Loop. Use Remotehams.com when the wx is bad.

Current DXCC total 236.

If you're ever in the area, I listen on the 147.08 N8LC repeater.

73 to all and wish all "Fair winds and following seas!"

Gary Bleasdale EMCS(SW)USN(RET)

KJ4PV - Gary Bleasdale
USS Skill MSO 471. My first ship

April 22, 2017