KG6AO - Thomas R. 'Tom' Guyer KG6AO

Thomas R. 'Tom' Guyer
Boulder Creek, CA

QCWA # 25916
Chapter 11

I was first licensed in 1967, as WN6YAX, and shortly after, upgraded to General and Advanced, as WB6YAX. I changed my call to KG6AO in 1983, and then upgraded to Extra class in 1985. Other calls I've held were ZL0AAA and ZK1XR. I've operated portable from Hawaii eight or nine times, and from England and Scotland (CQWW SSB). I operate on 160m (WAS and WAC) through 432 MHz, using monoband Yagis on 40m and above (the 80' tower is the 160m antenna). The equipment is old, and so is the op, but it all still makes the big noise, or at least it would if I bought new coax!

KG6AO - Thomas R. 'Tom' Guyer
My station, WB6YAX, in 1968

July 25, 2015