KE2EP - Kenneth A. 'Ken' Edelstein KE2EP

Kenneth A. 'Ken' Edelstein
Lenoir, NC

QCWA # 38553
First Call: KB2EMP issued in 1989

Now 75yo, been a computer person since first job.

Retired from Merrill Lynch where I managed local area networks and trained staff to use computers.

Lived first 70 years in Manhattan. Ride a Honda C360 cycle - small but nimble. Now live in house in Lenoir, North Carolina, moved from shoebox size studio apartment on west 71st street. Passed the "prior" 20wpm to get extra class ticket. Actually passed a test a month from start as Novice. Rig ancient Kenwood TS-440 also have a pair of older Icom IC-32AT HTs, Icom told me they were their first dual band hand held. Heavy as a brick but keep working great. Was, (or it seems so) married to Sandy - N2JZX - day I was born and never regretted it.

October 23, 2021