Travis W. Burton
Arkadelphia, AR

QCWA # 36353
Chapter 85
First Call: KB5ILY issued in 1989

I started in the Communications Industry in 1975 as a communications volunteer with the local Search & Rescue team, in 1976 I received my Third-Class Radio-Telephone Operator permit. In the summer of 1977, I went to work for the private-run Ambulance Service on a part-time basis in dispatch, in December of 1977 until early 1981 I worked part-time for the local AM & FM radio stations.

In 1978 the Search & Rescue team finished converting a retired U.S. Military 6 by 6 truck into a Fire Truck, so I became a firefighter. In summer of 1979 I became an E.M.T. with the Ambulance Service (but still preferred to work dispatch), in the fall the private company closed the office and the County began operating an Ambulance Service, I wasn't picked up by the County as dispatch was done by the Sheriff's Dept. Over June & July of 1980 I had the opportunity of working as a Jailer & Dispatcher for the County Sheriff.

In early 1981 I went to work part-time for the City Police Dept. as a Jailer & Dispatcher, then in 1982 I moved into a full-time position, as one of the full-time jailer/dispatchers transferred to the patrol division as a police officer. In 1985 I was appointed to the volunteer position of Communications & Warning Officer for the County's Office Of Emergency Management, serving for some ten years. In early February 1989 I left the City Police Dept. for a job in Industrial Security. The next week, on February 14, 1989 KB5ILY was issued to me as a Novice, 3 months later I upgraded to Technician Plus.

Just short of two years in Industrial Security, I was elected Constable for my township and also became licensed to install & service Burglar & Fire alarm systems, along with being a locksmith. Fifteen months into that two-year term as Constable, off duty at the time, I was introduced to ‘the widow maker', during and after my recovery I served out the remainder of my elected term and I closed the book on my public safety career at the end of the year.

Over the years since retirement, to brush-up on some computer skills, I took a couple of classes during the fall semester at the local community college. Three years later some friends asked if I would sign-on as a volunteer for their new ‘not-for-profit' internet (dial-up) service provider association as one of two systems administrators. I volunteered for just over ten years, and was involved in all areas of hardware, software and client assistance.

During my 47+ years in the communications industry, I have assisted in engineering industrial/business, & Public Safety as well as LPTV (Low Power Television) and FM Broadcast stations. I am an ARRL Life Member and serve as Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for southwest Arkansas, both ARRL and W5YI accredited instructor and Volunteer Examiner & greatly enjoy administering Amateur exams. I joined QCWA (#36353) at my first opportunity in 2014.

Enjoying SSB much more than CW, I have 10-X #52126, SMIRK #6099, SWOT #3103, Six Club #385, BBC #395, BC 2256, WWD #808.

September 13, 2022