KB4QDQ - Lee F. Johnson KB4QDQ

Lee F. Johnson
Fairview, NC

QCWA # 35387
Chapter 145

My dad was a ham and in the army signal corps. I grew up with the sound and smell of teletypewriters in the background. I was building or fixing radios in middle school. The radio bug came back and I got a novice licence in 1985. My oldest daughter used to fall asleep with my headphones on while listening to CW. I still prefer CW but play with digital modes once in a while. My youngest daughter is KJ4SON and my brother is N1TAB. I still like to play with old radios with the QCWA and the radio museum at www.saradiomuseum.org . I am active in the Asheville radio club at www.wcars.org . I also volunteer at www.pari.edu programming radio telescopes!

February 21, 2015