KA5BQM - Johnny J. O Dell KA5BQM

Johnny J. O Dell
Hemphill, TX

QCWA # 32732
Chapter 85

I live on Toledo Bend reservoir in far southeast Texas. (About 6 miles NE of Hemphill). I retired from the Foreign Service in 2005 and held 7Z, 3X, G4, TU and various other call signs. My professional background was communications (HF, VHF, UHF, lease line and Satellite) and LAN Administration. For ham radio an Icom IC-7700, Alpha 99 and 9 element Opti Beam at 90 feet are in use. Inverted Vee.s on the low bands. I operate 160 through 440 and enjoy traffic handling and rag chewing. I like the IARU and CQWW Phone contests (It.s a DX thing). I also enjoy digital modes.

December 25, 2016