K9UTQ - Eugene R. 'Gene' Santoski K9UTQ

Eugene R. 'Gene' Santoski
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

QCWA # 18099
Chapter 55

Age is 71 and Licensed since November 1959 - Extra Class

Employed 37 years at Consolidated Papers, Inc (paper manufacturing). Retired as of August 31, 2001

Hope to work you on the HF/VHF bands, the "birds" , EchoLink, CQ-100, IRLP, D-Star, or Skype!!

You can also find me on Facebook.


RADIO ACTIVITY: QRP, PortaVenture, Mobiling, HF Pack, Bicycle Mobile, Satellite operations, County & Grid Square hunting, NTS Traffic Nets, Navy MARS (NNNØIBD - 45 Years), DXing, Digital Modes (PSK31, Packet, MT63, CW, SSTV, RTTY) .

AFFILIATIONS: Life member of ARRL, QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Assn), QRP International. Also a member of AWA (Antique Wireless Assn), NAQCC (North American QRP Century Club), AMSAT (Amateur Satellite), FISTS CW Club, BMHA (Bicycle Mobile Hams of America), MQFD (Mobile QRP Field Day), QRP Club, SKCC ( Straight Key Century Club), ARS (Adventure Radio Society), OOTC (Old Old Timers Club), HF Pack, and CCA (Collins Collectors Assn).

SCOUTING: I have participated in the Annual BSA JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) for the past 30 years and also served on the K2BSA National Jamboree Staff at the 1989, 93, 97, 2001, 2005 and 2010 National Jamborees at Ft. A.P. Hill, VA. I have worked with many scouts on the Radio and Electronics Merit Badges over the years. I really enjoy getting youth involved in Amateur Radio because they are the future of the hobby!

OTHER INTERESTS: Avid collector of old radio and scouting magazines and books as well as Collins (S/Line era or later) and other vintage gear. Also interested in Photography, collecting cameras, Woodworking, Chess, Scouting (BSA), and GeoCaching.

HF STATION: Collins S/Line (32S-3, 75S-3B, 516F-2, 312B-4)

Transceivers: Collins KWM-2A, Icom 746, 746Pro, 7000, 706, 706 MKIIG, Yaesu FT-847, Kenwood TS-570SG and TS-530S, Ten-Tec Paragon.

Transmitters: Johnson Viking Ranger, Viking Adventurer, Knight T-50, Globe Scout, Globe Chief, Heath AT-1, Heath DX-40, Heath Cheyenne

Receivers: Collins 51S-1, Icom R71A, Hammarlund HQ-180, Hammerlund HQ-160, Hallicrafters SX-100, Mosley CM-1, National SW-3, Heath Commanche

Amplifiers: Collins 30L-1, Collins 30S-1, Ameritron AL-811H, Kenwood TL-922, Heath SB-220.

HF Antennas: Inverted vees for 80/75m, 40m and 30m, Cush-Craft R7000 ground mounted vertical

ANTENNA TUNERS: SGC MAC200, 237, 239, 211; Dentron Super Tuner and MT3000A; Johnson Matchbox, Kenwood AT200, LDG Z11, ICOM AT180, Ten-Tec 247.

QRP GEAR: IC-703, FT-817, Ten-Tec Century 21, Vectronics VEC1240 (40M), Heath HW-7 & HW-8 and various home-brew QRP rigs.

VHF/UHF STATION: Icom 208H, 2100H, 2820 (D-Star), Yaesu 1500M, Icom IC-746 PRO and Yaesu FT-847 transceivers, Icom ID-31A UHF (D-Star) HT.

MOBILE/PORTABLE: Icom 706MKIIG and IC7000, Yaesu FT817, and Icom IC703, IC-208H (VHF/UHF), IC-2720 (VHF/UHF)and IC-2820 (VHF/UHF D-Star) transceivers. Antennas: Diamond BB7-V Vertical, Eagle One Vertical, Super Antenna MP-1, Miracle Whip, PAC-12 and various wire antennas.

VHF ANTENNAS: Cush-Craft stacked array of two vertically polarized 11 element yagis, Cush-Craft 11 element horizontal array and an M2 13 element 70CM yagi (vertically polarized)

UHF ANTENNAS: 13 element M2 440 Yagi (vertically polarized) at 70 Ft.

SATELLITE ARRAY: Cush-Craft 70CM (738XB - 38 element) and 2M (22XB - 22 element) circularly polarized yagis with a Yaesu AZ/EL rotator.

K9UTQ - Eugene R. 'Gene' Santoski

February 21, 2015