K9FIJ - Allie A. 'Joe' Jojo K9FIJ

Allie A. 'Joe' Jojo
South Bend, IN

QCWA # 21906

I go by 'Joe', I'm an Extra class and have held K9FIJ continuously since 4/61. Also have held W8FHH. I retired as a Senior Chief Radioman (SW) 5/90 after 26 years in the big canoe club. My station consists of a FT-757 and Swan 500CX. I use an inverted Vee 10-80 mts at 30', a vertical on 10-40 and a A3S w/40 mtr add on up 38'.

K9FIJ - Allie A. 'Joe' Jojo

December 14, 2015