K9DUR - Raymond N. 'Ray' Andrews K9DUR

Raymond N. 'Ray' Andrews
West Terre Haute, IN

QCWA # 26720
Chapter 204

I was first licensed as a Novice-class operator with the callsign WV2MBR in April of 1960 a week before my 15th birthday. I moved to Indiana and upgraded to Technician in February 1961. I was issued the callsigns K9DUR for my new Technician-class license, and KN9DUR for the remainder of my Novice-class license term.

In May of 1969, I moved back to New Jersey and was issued the callsign WA2MBR. In September of 1970, we moved back to Indiana and was re-issued the call sign K9DUR which I have held ever since. Additionally, I held a 2nd station license during the mid-1960's with the callsign W9EZJ, and previously held the Belize call V31DU.

I upgraded to an Advanced class license in January of 1974 and to Amateur Extra in February of 2000.

I am an active DX'er & contester and am a member of the Society of Midwest Contesters.

I am currently one of the net control stations for the Indiana Traffic Net (NTS).

April 6, 2015