K9AMP - Michael J. Mc Cormick K9AMP

Michael J. Mc Cormick
Indianapolis, IN

QCWA # 33813

I got my first license WN9LXZ in the early 70's. In 1976 I got my General license as WD9DNA. In 2006 after 30 years with my call, I decided to apply for the call of my Elmer from my high school days. His was the first amateur call I ever heard of. He taught me the code and gave me my Novice test. Out of respect for him now that he is a Silent Key I applied for his old call. A move in the past few years had taken me off air, but in 2005 got back into everything first using the CQ100 Internet program and Echolink. Then I got an Icom IC-746 connected to a slinky inverted vee in the attic (keeping the prying eyes of the home owners association from knowing I'm here). I've gotten back to my CW roots, and started a collection of keys (over 30 now).

I'm a LIFE member of both ARRL, and QCWA. Also belong to FISTS, and SKCC. I've also been experimenting with the new digital modes such as PSK31 and D-Star. It's like a whole new hobby with all the new things to try. In Nov. 2010 I purchased an Elecraft K3 kit and the P3 Panadptor. The microphone is the Heil PR-781. I'm now using an Eagle One vertical in the back yard as I decided to no longer worry about the local HOA as the vertical is more inconspicuous than all those tv dish antennas everywhere. Nov. 2012, I added the Elecraft KPA500 amplifier kit. Now I've got that little extra oompf needed when the occasion calls for it.

June 07, 2015